Effective treatment of psoriasis with herbs

Is a non-infectious chronic disease that mainly affects the skin, sometimes nails. Ringworm can be spread slightly or to affect large areas of the skin.

Doctors have identified several factors contributing to the development of the disease. It is heredity, hormonal disruptions, parasitic diseases, metabolic disorders, viral and fungal infections. It is also assumed that the development of dermatitis promotes emotional turmoil. And stress significantly exacerbate the disease in those who already suffer from psoriasis.

Psoriasis most often develops before 25 years of age regardless of gender in 2-5% of the population.

The symptoms of psoriasis depends on its variety. When plaques are a prominent shape of the patient body appear red, dry, tight, spots covered with scaly and raised above the skin. Affected areas often flake, and then remain inflamed and bleeding lesions.

Plaque often merge with each other. Common lose – the places of the bends of joints, groin, armpit, thigh.

When you drop a visible psoriasis on the body formed of numerous small, dry and red spots, raised above the skin. The rash often affects a large area of the body.

Psoriatic arthritis is characterized by inflammation occurring in the connective and joint tissues. The disease affects small joints (phalanges of the limbs), causing dactylitis.

Erythroderma with scales lichen accompanied by inflammation, scaling and peeling of the epidermis. These symptoms are accompanied by itching, pain and swelling of the skin.

When pustuloso form of the disease lesions represent bubbles with transparent content, raised above the skin. Around the pustules of the epidermis is red, swelling and flaking. Nail psoriasis can be identified by changing their colors, the appearance of spots, dots, cross lines, segregation, thickening of the plate.

Diagnosis of scaly lichen holds a dermatologist, based on clinical signs of the disease. In difficult cases it is possible to conduct a skin biopsy.

After the disease was diagnosed, you can find out what herbs for psoriasis will help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the intensity of the rash.

The treatment of depriving flake medicinal plants

Few people know which herbs to drink from psoriasis. For those who want to try to get rid of scaly plaques with medicinal plants, it is necessary to acquire or to procure the series, chamomile, celandine, marjoram, Kalina, soapwort and calendula.


This plant can be taken internally and used externally. To prepare a decoction of the herb are crushed, covered in boiling water and leave to infuse for 100 minutes in a thermos. Before you take medicinal drink can improve its taste by adding honey, mint, or the decoction of the berries.

A series of psoriasis taken for 35 minutes before meals twice a day in an amount of 100 ml for adults and 20 ml for children. To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms decoction is used not only internally, but also add to the bath.

The abuse of succession in humans, increased nervous excitability, decreased blood pressure, broken chair, and may experience panic attacks.

Psoriasis effectively treatment ointments on the basis of succession. There are two ways of cooking. The first recipe:

  1. 1 tsp of tincture capra cornibus mixed with carrot, onion juice (5 ml) and olive oil (30 ml).
  2. The mass put in the fridge for 24 hours.
  3. Ointment applied on the affected skin daily before bedtime.

Another way to prepare the cream: in a series of dry grass pour the alcohol to cover it completely, and leave it for 2 weeks. After the allotted time the extract is boiled on the fire until it not to evaporate all the ethanol. The ointment is applied to psoriasis plaques 3 times a day for 3.5 hours.

To enhance the therapeutic effect, together with outer means drink the infusion from a string. You can cook it in the following way: 20 g raw pour boiling water (150 ml) and simmering on low heat for 4 minutes. The broth is filtered and take 60 ml 4 times a day.

Not less effectively lubricate 3 times a day red scales plaque mess of a series. To do this, 5 tablespoons of powder of plant is mixed with vaseline (5 tbsp)

Celandine Treatment of psoriasis with herbs1

Psoriasis treatment herbs be effective if you use a celandine, but rather his yellow juice. This plant has the unique ability to quickly restore damaged cells. In the treatment of psoriasis celandine is used in a concentrated form and fresh juices lubricate the problem areas.

Drugs with celandine can be taken internally. The most commonly used "Royal method" of treatment of the disease

  • A drop of juice of celandine diluted in 100 ml of water.
  • Every day the number of drops increase, bringing the number of drops to 20.
  • After 20 days of treatment make a break for 10 days and conduct a course again.

In the composition of oregano has a lot of vitamin C that accelerates the healing of bleeding and purulent processes. Oregano is often added to herbal baths for psoriasis with complex flow. The regular holding of these procedures helps to improve the condition of affected skin and relieve the adverse symptoms.

Tinctures and infusions from oregano can't drink in diseases of the heart, digestive system and hypertension.

For psoriasis also used an infusion of oregano. To prepare 20 g of plant pour boiling water (180) and long tantalized in a water bath. After cooling, the decoction is filtered and diluted with boiled water to volume of 200 ml Means you need to take inside for 10 minutes before eating half a Cup twice a day.

Daisy Treatment of psoriasis with herbs2

Oil plants are used in the psoriasis lesions of the nails, the hair of the head and joints. To address inflammation recommended daily use of chamomile decoction. 20 g of dried flowers pour 400 ml of boiling water. Means put in a water bath for half an hour, insist 15 minutes and filtered. Drink tea 2 times a day for 1/3 Cup.

Pharmacy chamomile in the scales of lichen can be applied in the form of compresses. Regular procedure relieves irritation, inflammation, itching and swelling.

Flowers plants pour boiling water, and the capacity to wrap and leave for half an hour. Raw materials applied to the plaque, and the top all covered with cotton soaked in an infusion of chamomile. Fix the compress with cling film.

Soapwort Treatment of psoriasis with herbs3

Recipes based on Soapwort is also effective for scale shingles of any degree of complexity. For dermatitis use of rhizomes, harvesting of which is a time consuming process.

The roots are washed and crushed. Raw material is poured lukewarm water and leave for 6 hours, periodically draining the fluid until the surface foam is formed.

When the roots dry out of them make a decoction:

  1. The dry raw material (6 g) pour a glass of boiling water.
  2. The tool is heated to boiling and allowed to cool.
  3. Medication you need to drink during several days.
The plant is very poisonous, so when the overdose of tools based on it can occur cough and digestive problems.

From the leaves and stems of Soapwort preparing medicinal baths. Before the procedure 5 handfuls of herbs pour boiling water (5 l) and insist 60 minutes. After the broth is put on fire for 15 minutes. Then pour it into the tub. The procedure lasts 20 minutes, the number of sessions is 14.

Herbal psoriasis Treatment of psoriasis with herbs4

The treatment of depriving flake herbs effectively, and especially if you use some herbs for psoriasis that have a complex action. To resolve psychological and physical symptoms of dermatitis will help the collection on the basis of Valerian, Hypericum, mallow, succession and celandine. Herbal mixture (1 spoon) pour hot water (200 ml) and infuse for 1 hour. Medication drink 2 times a day half a Cup.

Another collection of herbs for psoriasis, fenofibrate, includes the following plants:

  • hops (cones);
  • motherwort and series (top);
  • nettle (leaves);
  • licorice and burdock (roots).

All components are mixed in the same amount with the exception of liquorice, which should be 3 times more. 20 g of a mixture pour 200 ml boiling water and leave for 12 hours. Infusion drink warm 100 ml at a time throughout the year.

Another effective collection from psoriasis consists of the rhizome, burdock, licorice, nettle leaf, succession and elder flowers. Plants are crushed and mixed in equal proportions. One teaspoon collection zaparivayut boiling water and cook about 7 minutes. The decoction can be taken internally or used externally as applications and compresses applied to the rash.

To reduce the intensity of symptoms in the treatment of psoriasis will help the collection, which includes a succession, chamomile, nard, and St. John's wort. Tablespoon of herb mixture pour 300 ml boiling water and leave for 50 minutes. Infusion should be drunk in psoriasis for 5 tbsp 2 times a day.

It's not all herbs for the treatment of psoriasis. Also in the treatment of psoriasis is recommended to drink herbal teas and infusions with choleretic and laxative effect. Plants that have a similar therapeutic effect include corn silk, flowers of immortelle, calendula and leaves of Senna.

Since psoriasis is a chronic disease, its treatment should be comprehensive and should last a lifetime. So, do not think that medicinal plants completely cure the disease. However, herbs can alleviate it and relieve the unpleasant symptoms.