Psoriasis on hands stage, causes and treatment of the disease

The disease starts with a rich rash of allergic nature, which is complemented by the formation of plaques on the palms and fingers, with clearly delineated boundaries. So psoriasis on the hands looks like, thus prone to chronic course. The disease is not contagious, but gives the patient a cosmetic defect, is a major cause of inferiority complex. First, rashes are rare, but if untreated the disease progresses.

Psoriasis on the fingers

Psoriasis in the hands-stage1

The occurrence of the disease first observed on the fingers, when the skin is covered with small papules. The outlines are clear, spots are red, but after a few days start to peel off. Psoriasis on the fingers is a long-term illness, when one attack over time, replaced by another. With repeated recurrence of lesions pathology only grow, the rash becomes intense. The old cells are easily removed, the top layer of the epidermis is restored partially, the disease becomes chronic.

Psoriasis on the palms

The disease is associated with increased physical activity, and at the initial stage is represented by small rash covered with silvery scales. Subsequently, the individual papules are combined into plaques of medium size, the first suffers the backhand, then its lateral area. Psoriasis on the hands is not always visible, but if involved in the pathological process brush, cosmetic defect can not be avoided. Additional symptoms are itching and congestis the epidermis, and the patient suffers from insomnia.

Symptoms of psoriasis on hands

The acute phase in a patient's life alternate with periods of remission, but this is only a temporary effect. Under the influence of trigger factors in the body develop unpleasant symptoms of psoriasis on the hands, which gradually spread of the affected area of the dermis. Inflamed skin begins to swell, is covered with small spots, and the symptoms depend on the form of the disease. Common symptoms of psoriasis are as follows:

  • the appearance of papules;
  • flushing of the skin;
  • the appearance of mechanical damage to the skin, cracking;
  • the formation of plaques of medium size;
  • soreness of the joints;
  • color change, the structure of the nail plates;
  • flaking, dry skin;
  • the pain areas of the dermis with ulcers;
  • internal discomfort;
  • change the color of the upper layer of the epidermis.

Causes of psoriasis on hands

In contact with a sick person can not be infected by external vectors of the disease are absent. The inflammatory process occurs in the body, it is not excluded a genetic predisposition to a characteristic disease. Other causes of psoriasis on hands detailed below:

  • violated the metabolism;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • occupational hazard;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • the presence of harmful habits;
  • improper diet;
  • immune disorders of the body;
  • violation of rules of personal hygiene.

The stage of the disease

Psoriasis of the hands develops gradually. Doctors say that in medicine there are several stages of disease that seamlessly follow each other in the absence of timely treatment. Of therapeutic measures timely response depends entirely on the clinical outcome for a patient. The development and characteristics of the different stages of psoriasis of the upper extremities are:

Psoriasis in the hands-stage2
  1. The initial stage. Papules are small round forms have clear boundaries. First they single, but 2-3 days after peeling of the dermis subject to capture large areas of the lesions.
  2. A progressing stage. Painful nodules are distinguished by bright red tint, and in the center is observed peeling of the epidermis with formation of crusts. Precede pathology microtrauma of the skin.
  3. Stationary phase. Once red rash acquires a cyanotic shade, dry. The inflammatory process reduces its intensity, stops itching, but the redness of the skin present.
  4. Regression stage. Local manifestations of psoriasis reduce the intensity, and the once-painful lesions resorption. It is noted for a long period of remission, no peeling, but visible white spots with clear boundaries.

How to treat psoriasis on hands

If the illness requires a comprehensive approach to the health problem. This oral medication, local use of medicinal ointments, passing physiotherapy full course. Some patients have treated psoriasis on hands life as in chronic diseases periods of exacerbation followed a temporary remission.

Standard list of medicines assigned in the absence of an allergic reaction to the active components of the drugs, surface self-excluded. The main goal is to remove stains on the hands, to get rid of the unbearable feeling of itching, relieve the pain of ulcers, clean the surface of the dermis from the old layers, to calm the nervous system and enhance immunity. In any case, can be assigned the following pharmacological groups:

  • antihistamines to suppress itching;
  • enzymes to normalize digestion;
  • homeopathic remedies with a minimal list of side effects;
  • NSAIDs to suppress inflammation.
  • vitamins and multivitamin complexes to strengthen the immune system.

Ointment for psoriasis on hands

A rash found on the palms and hands, the lesions pathology be space between the fingers, folds of skin. To get rid of this kind of symptoms, you need to use a healing ointment from psoriasis on his hands. Such an external agent cleans the skin external defects, and its active ingredients are not absorbed into the bloodstream, eliminates the risk of partial or complete intoxication.

Treatment of psoriasis on nails

Pathology is an abundant rash that "it puts on a hand the red glove" at the initial stage resembles eczema. In the pathological process often involved and nail plate, which first turn yellow and become brittle, and then to flake, crack. To resolve the significant foci of the disease, it is recommended to use formal and alternative methods to strengthen the immune system.

Effective conservative treatment of psoriasis on nails are presented below:

  • corticosteroids;
  • drugs with vitamin D3;
  • dermotropic funds;
  • retinoids for topical use;
  • a solution of 5-fluorouracil, salicylic acid.

Folk remedy for psoriasis on hands

If psoriasis struck hands, some patients choose alternative treatments. Side effects, and contraindications minimized. Folk remedy psoriasis on hands help if the skin had swelling, and on its surface are painful papules. The main goal is to reduce the intensity of the pathological process. So, effective treatment of psoriasis of the hands and nails occurs after the preparation and use of such alternative recipes:

  1. To perform the bath hands involving sea salt, which has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, regenerating, Protea swelling and purifying properties.
  2. To combine equal amounts of dried calendula, chamomile, Valerian, sage and celandine. A tablespoon of raw brew Cup of boiling water. Prepared with the classical method of composition to use to run baths for painful hands.