Modern methods of treatment of psoriasis

The necessity in the invention of new, effective methods for the treatment of psoriasis is quite acute. Accordingly, if there is demand, there will be supply. In search of innovative solutions to many scientists delve into methods of eliminating disease, as well as trying to determine the cause.

There are modern methods that has already proven its effectiveness, but not all are widely used. They are aimed at reducing pathological skin reaction that is caused by cell division. Note that the current methods rarely replace traditional treatment, but rather complement it. The most effective treatment observed in the combination therapy.

Today there are many ways to eliminate plaque when using UV irradiation, while the results are very promising. There are also more controversial techniques like ichthyotherapy. Use proven tools.
Modern methods of psoriasis treatment1


Ichthyotherapy is an interesting type of psoriasis treatment that is applied long enough, but not everywhere. Naturally, full recovery with the help of fish, which treat the skin, not possible, but as an additional procedure is fine. You need a special type of fish — garra rufа that the most effective and modern treatment they are shown in almost all patients.

Modern methods of psoriasis treatment2

With fish it is possible to significantly relieve pain, to eliminate the unpleasant appearance and to soften the symptoms of the disease. Thanks to the actions of fish also improves blood circulation, which efficiently affects the course of the disease.

Why should I use ichthyotherapy:

  1. All natural methods;
  2. It may result in side effects, as fish do not practically affect the organism, they only remove dead skin particles, that is their main power source.
  3. The procedure is as pleasant as possible, to find so pleasant a method of treatment is rather difficult;
  4. Due to the mild exposure of fish stimulated nervous system, that is, the body mobilizes and strengthens overall immunity.
For psoriasis is characterized by the formation of silvery scales that the fish and removes, making the foot massage. What a thorough cleansing is very useful in other diseases of the skin.

Benefit from methods:

  1. The plaques are open, and the scales removed. This leads to greater perception of treatment by external means;
  2. Healthy skin also cleared of debris;
  3. It stimulates the blood flow in the capillaries;
  4. The skin regenerates faster;
  5. Eliminates itching;
  6. Stress, nervous tension eases;
  7. Lead to a stabilization of blood pressure;
  8. Rejuvenation of the skin;
  9. Eliminated the swelling, again because of the blood circulation;
  10. Thanks to massage fatigue goes away;
  11. Acts as a highly effective prevention of fungal diseases.


The Goeckerman treatment is better known as treatment using ultraviolet radiation together with tar. Application is simple — you need to apply tar to the psoriasis plaques, but its use is separate is rarely used. Then the place is irradiated with UV. The effectiveness of both methods is much higher, as the tar makes skin more sensitive to ultraviolet irradiation.

The procedure can be performed at home and in medical institutions. Although medicine is not always endorsed this technique:

  1. Apply mud, which is the tar, usually birch or oak, pre-heating it to a temperature of 39°C;
  2. After application, wait 30 minutes and then gently cleanse the skin from dirt using warm water;
  3. In the future, the site is treated hypertonic solution, and the top is moistened with cream;
  4. Highly desirable after the procedure treat the skin with ultraviolet light, you can use the PUVA therapy, but requires pre-consultation with the doctor.
The procedure requires that the patient after treatment did not take strong exercise, should be a couple of days to be alone. Additionally required special treatment. So, you will have to mix along with tar anthralin-salicylic acid. The mixture is superimposed on the affected skin and left overnight.


Modern methods of treatment of psoriasis is headed by the irradiation with ultraviolet light, due to the relative safety of therapy, as well as high efficiency. While there are many methods of treatment using ultraviolet irradiation as adjuvant. Usually the procedure is based on irradiation with long or medium wave UV light. The strongest devices for the treatment, paradoxically, are the conventional fluorescent or quartz lamps. The maximum power must not exceed 60W.

You first need to prepare the body for the use of ultraviolet irradiation to the skin is more receptive to therapy. For this purpose special preparations. Funds may be applied in advance 1 week before exposure, and there are those that require the use of drugs before visiting booths. The course of treatment should not exceed 40 procedures with regularity after 1 day. It is best to perform irradiation of the order of 20-40 times, but at the same time to make a vacation to the skin 1 day, sometimes 2 days.


Often performed in severe forms of psoriasis, when on the body more than 20-30% of the skin covered with plaques. The basis of therapy uses a photosensitizing remedy that enhances the effect of radiation. Simultaneous use allows you to influence the DNA of cells, leading to stop the abnormal division of cells. Psoralen, which is used internally or externally, allows the body to better tolerate radiation and increases the skin's sensitivity to long wave ultraviolet irradiation.

The effectiveness of the procedure is undeniable, since 80-85% of all patients note improvement already after a few applications, but in the long run the elimination of all symptoms. In some cases, possible side effects, like nausea, pigmentation or dryness. The most dangerous manifestations of there may be malignancy on the skin. If you use PUVA therapy requires supervision by a doctor. The course is about 20-30 uses, and is rarely more than 40 procedures.

PUVA has a number of advantages:

  1. Strong effect, already after a few treatments noted improvement in health;
  2. The effectiveness of therapy observed in 80% of patients;
  3. A quite safe treatment;
  4. Long-term remission;
  5. Does not provoke addiction;
  6. Does not require hospitalization;
  7. It is possible to use as prevention;
  8. Observed even tan.


Multilateral methods of treatment of psoriasis can qualitatively affect the skin, but by combining several efficient components, it is possible to achieve maximum results. The basis of therapy is ultraviolet radiation, as well as 2 types of ointments. The cream is necessary in order to enhance the effectiveness of radiation.

Also Betamethasone extends the range of influence, as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects. However, he does not cause allergic reactions and exerts antiproliferative action. Calciferol – based substance calcium which has a depressing effect on the proliferation of keratin.

You still think that to get rid of psoriasis impossible?

If nothing is done, the plaque will only grow and will soon cover the whole body. Psoriasis reaches a critical danger for 3-4 years after the appearance and leads to irreversible consequences, such as the manifestation of psoriasis arthritis or psoriasis erythroderma. In any case, you cannot run disease!