Psoriasis in the ear — causes and treatment

The disease is referred to autoimmune disorders are not transmitted by household, capillaribus airborne or sexually transmitted. Rash characteristic of the disease, can appear on almost all parts of the body, affecting mainly the places subject to frequent damage and friction. One of the types of disease is seborrheic psoriasis mainly affects the scalp and the skin nearby the hairline. Often, the disease affects the Pinna. Consider what appears psoriasis in the ears and how to treat it.

What is psoriasis in the ears and how it manifests itself

Seborrheic psoriasis is a common form of the disease and is very similar to this skin disease as seborrheic eczema. Locations of this disease are hair, skin area around them, as well as the ear.

Ear psoriasis can develop regardless of age and gender. Pathology provokes very unpleasant symptoms and gives a person a lot of inconvenience. Rashes appearing on the skin very itchy, the skin to peel off, significantly deteriorate a person's appearance and his mood. In addition, there is considerable risk of secondary bacterial infection, which provokes many negative consequences. A disease such as psoriasis in the ear can be divided into several stages of the disease:

  1. The emergence of stearic spots. Occurs after the scraping of dead skin cells. The scales have a whitish color and quite easily removed.
  2. The formation of terminal films. This manifestation in the form of a shiny red surface appears after full scraping scales.
  3. Cruenta Rosa. If you remove the terminal film, there may be minor bleeding.

Predecessors of psoriasis can be such sensations as tingling in the ears, and dry skin. If a person observes these symptoms, it is very important to consult a dermatologist for advice. Timely response and medical treatment in most cases help to prevent the development of the disease in its early stages.

Causes and predisposing factors

Today, scientists are unclear about the exact causes of psoriasis. We only know that the factors contributing to the development of the disease, there may be several reasons. In our days, scientists and professors hold the view that the main causes of the disease can be immune disorders in humans, various failures in metabolic processes, and genetic predisposition of patients. Based on this, there are several reasons for the illness:

  • friction and mechanical damage;
  • poor hygiene
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • some diseases of a cold nature;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • the influence of some chemicals;
  • strong emotional tension and stress;
  • incorrect usage of medical drugs to certain groups.

Treatment of psoriasis in the ears

Psoriasis in ears treatment which means the integrated approach is rather complex disease. In the process of therapy, medication, use of herbs, as well as correction of lifestyle.

Psoriasis in the ears1

Among the drugs used the drugs for external application, which are divided into hormonal and non-hormonal means. So, how to treat psoriasis in the ears, will be discussed further.

Non-hormonal ointments for psoriasis

This group of ointments is safer than tools that have a hormonal basis. Of course, among these drugs have disadvantages, which are expressed in a rather long period of treatment and that the desired results do not happen overnight, but there are a number of advantages. The advantages include safety and health and the absence of a habituation effect. Look at some popular medications in this group:

  1. Salicylic unguentum. As assigned in tandem with hormonal therapy, and separately. Also ointment is often used to ensure better penetration of medicinal ingredients other drugs.
  2. Funds on the basis of the grease. These drugs have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties help cleanse the skin from dead skin particles and its restoration.
  3. The zinc ointment. Another quite widely used medication that helps reduce inflammation and disinfect wounds. The tool is able to increase the natural ability of skin cells to be restored and updated.
  4. Drugs, on the basis of the tar. This natural substance are added to different treatment for many skin diseases. This includes drugs such as celloidin, antipain, berestin and others.
  5. Hormonal ointments

    The main advantage of this group of drugs is their ability to quickly relieve symptoms. However, there are significant contraindications. Incorrect use of hormonal ointments are often observed violations of the endocrine system, kidney, liver, can also occur malfunctions of the heart. Therefore, to assign funds on a hormonal basis need only specialist. To popular drugs in this group include:

    1. Funds on the basis of triamcinolone. All the medications in this group provide antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing effect.
    2. Drugs, which is based on flumetazon. Ointments help relieve itching, flaking, able to exert antiallergic action.
    3. Ointment, has hydrocortisone. This group of drugs is the most effective psoriasis and other skin diseases.
    4. The application of the national treatment

      Today, traditional methods of treatment of psoriasis is not the last place. The advantage of this method is the relative cheapness and safety. All the necessary ingredients for making medicines available at the pharmacy or procure their own. Next, we consider several popular tools that help to get rid of psoriasis lesions.

      The cure of pork fat, honey and aloe

      To prepare means you need to take the usual 300 g pork fat, a liter of honey and 500 g of vodka and crushed aloe. All the ingredients mix well and place in the oven for 3 hours. The temperature should not exceed 180 degrees. The drug is used orally in 2 spoonfuls thrice a day.

      Psoriasis in the ears2

      A decoction of medicinal herbs

      To make medicine take chamomile, St. John's wort, tricolor hyacinthum, leaves cranberries. Herbs are mixed in equal amounts and used to prepare fresh decoction, which is prepared before use. For the broth, a tablespoon of herbs pour boiling water (1 Cup) and leave the tool to cool. After the infusion is strained and drunk. The procedure must be repeated three times a day.

      Psoriasis in the ears3

      Treatment sea buckthorn oil

      Sea buckthorn oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial, healing properties. It can be used for treatment of platelets, and ingestion. For this treatment you need to drink one teaspoon of oil three times a day in equal chunks of time.

      Correction lifestyle in psoriasis

      Any form of psoriasis, including his appearance in the auricles, demands not only medical treatment but also a revision of lifestyle. To preventive measures include the following:

      1. Regular visits to the doctor and treatment of various diseases.
      2. Saturate your diet with wholesome food products.
      3. The rejection of bad habits.
      4. An active lifestyle that includes physical activity.
      5. Proper selection of personal care products.