Psoriasis treatment with activated charcoal in the home

Many patients, disappointed in the use of drugs, and are looking for alternative ways of therapy of psoriasis with the help of folk remedies. One of such methods is the treatment psoriasis activated charcoal in the home.

A few words about psoriasis

Psoriasis refers to systemic illness, affecting not only human skin but also the nails, joints and ligaments. Severe forms of the disease can lead to complicated consequences, trigger severe lesions of the skin and even partial limitation of mobility of joints.

Research in the field of psoriasis to date do not give a clear answer as to why a disease occurs. The opinions of scientists on this issue differ. There are several theories, involving predisposing factors of the disease. Is immune, viral, metabolic, neurogenic and others. Common factors that cause disease include:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • sensitive pen to dry skin;
  • effects on the dermis of various chemical media;
  • bad habits;
  • the human immunodeficiency virus;
  • strong emotional stress;
  • trauma to the skin;
  • disease of the endocrine system;
  • a change of climate.

Under the influence of one or more precipitating factors in the human body undergoes changes, leading to the appearance of single or multiple lesions in the form of spots, which in medical practice called plaques.

Rashes may appear on the face, head, body, limbs. In addition to the spots, psoriasis leads to deformation and destruction of nail plates and also damage ligaments and joints, as a result, tissues become inflamed and changing shape.

Activated carbon and its properties

For a long time people use a variety of sorbent, allowing to rid the body of harmful substances, a method of retaining on its surface and excreted the natural way. In clinical practice this drug is used as a sorbent, is able to cope with many poisonings, to remove toxins, toxins and decay products.

Coal is mined by the method of special thermal treatment of charcoal and coconuts. The drug does not cause side effects, does not irritate the digestive organs, acts effectively, used even among pregnant women and children.

As a result of some studies, scientists have found that one of the causes of psoriasis are the various poisoning of the body. Activated carbon, once in the body, react with harmful substances and disease-causing bacteria, absorbs them, after which displays from the body, not allowing them to spread through the blood and lymph.

Psoriasis treatment at home with activated carbon1
Important! Before you start treatment with this drug should consult with a specialist. The drug, like many others, has its contraindications.

Ways to use activated charcoal

For effective treatment with activated carbon to properly take the medicine. Therapy courses. Mainly used 4 common ways.

Internal reception

The duration of treatment at internal reception will be from two to four weeks. To calculate the required dose medications the weight of the patient divided by 10. The resulting figure is the number of milligrams of the drug the patient must take per day. Received the number of tablets divided into three equal parts, each reception means is carried out after a meal, wash down the drug with plenty of water.

Another treatment option is the intake of three tablets coal for 40 days. This option does not depend on the mass of the human body. The effect is achieved through long-term regular administration tools.

External use

Some experts say that the appearance of the psoriasis rash, well air compresses, on the basis of activated carbon. To prepare the tool 10 tablets should be crushed to a fine powder and mix with a teaspoon of vaseline. The resulting ointment is applied to psoriasis plaques for 15-20 minutes. The course of treatment is 15-20 days.

Psoriasis treatment at home with activated carbon2

Rules of drug administration

During treatment, you should follow certain rules that will help to quickly cope with the disease. First of all, you should follow a strict diet and water balance. The amount of fluid to drink patients must be at least 1.5 – 2 liters. From the diet should exclude the following dishes:

  • sharp;
  • sour;
  • salt;
  • smoked;
  • sweet;
  • fatty fish, meat;
  • dairy products;
  • alcohol, caffeine.

The food is better to not take large portions, adhering to a fractional power. You can't eat before bed. A late dinner may be in the form of a salad, fruit or biscuit with tea.

Psoriasis treatment at home with activated carbon3

The amount of salt is also limited to not more than 4 g of product per day. On the table the patient should be the required number of vegetables, fruits in fresh and boiled form. Meals better cooking method of stewing, boiling, baking. From drinks are very good herbal teas, fresh juices, juice, compotes.

Important! Food should be light, low in calories. It is imperative to eliminate foods that are allergens. This is nuts, honey, chocolate, citrus fruits, eggs and some other products.

Contraindications and analogues

Today on the shelves of pharmacies you can find many unique activated carbon. What tool to prefer, depends on the preferences of the patient, however, the numerous reviews of the patients indicate that activated carbon operates most efficiently.

Deciding on therapy with the above medications, consider some contraindications:

  • Individual intolerance of the drug.
  • Peptic ulcer disease. Gastritis.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Children up to 3 years.
  • Kidney and liver failure.

You should not take the drug for too long periods of time, as it can cause diseases such as hypervitaminosis and dysbacteriosis.

Competent use of activated carbon and compliance with recommendations for medication and dosages will contribute to deliverance from the unpleasant psoriasis lesions and help keep for a long period of remission of the disease.