Psoriasis treatment at home folk remedies

Successful treatment of psoriasis folk remedies it is possible if to observe the following recommendations given in the General table. Psoriasis treatment at home folk remedies — castoe practice.

Since psoriasis is a complex disease, not all folk remedies can cure it fully, but you can mitigate the unpleasant symptoms can completely.

Besides, most professionals have a positive attitude towards alternative medicine in the fight against psoriasis.

Traditional healers believed that the fight against psoriasis should be comprehensive, i.e. to treat the pathology need not only outwardly but inside as well.

How to treat psoriasis at home?

For external use this can be following a curative and preventive measure, hand made:

  • ointments;
  • shampoos;
  • lotions;
  • fees herbs for medicinal baths.

For internal use made

treatment of psoriasis at home1
  • infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants;
  • powders, pills;
  • multi-component tools.

Successful treatment of psoriasis folk remedies it is possible if to observe the following recommendations given in the General table.

Guidelines compliance


No one doubts that grandma's recipes can soften and eliminate the symptoms of psoriasis, but to abandon conservative treatment very brave of you. Modern drugs have a different form of release, but they purposefully affect the disease, removing the signs of inflammation and irritation of the skin, as well as "working" from the inside. Thanks to this progress of pathology slows or stops altogether.


To cure this disease is impossible without dieting. Mandatory refusal of alcohol, spicy and fried foods, limiting animal fats, alcoholic beverages. At the time of recurrence of psoriasis dietary gives the doctor.


Human skin is suffering from psoriasis, requires constant care and attention. It is necessary to moisturize and protect rashes from injury, to prevent infection and worsening of the disease.


Excessive exposure to the sun harms the person suffering from psoriasis, the skin gets injured, there are new relapses of the disease.


Stress, nervousness, anxiety — all this increases the risk of exacerbation.


Psoriasis affects the immune system. So that the body can better fight the disease, needed his support in the form of multivitamins, a healthy diet, avoiding harmful habits.

So, to cure psoriasis at home is feasible, but it is important to strictly adhere to the aforementioned recommendations for therapy, and only in this case it will be possible to achieve a long lasting remission.

Folk remedies for psoriasis of the head

Treatment of psoriasis on the scalp should be carried out comprehensively using multiple drugs:

treatment of psoriasis at home2
  • this vitamin complexes, minerals, immunomodulators;
  • sedatives, normalizing psycho-emotional status and to protect from negative influence of stress factors;
  • local therapeutic drugs external actions.
Folk remedies from psoriasis scalp as pharmaceutical preparations, to apply itself to the affected area.

Treatment of psoriasis on the head

These include various shampoos, masks and ointments, aimed at the normalization of microflora and improve the health of the skin on the head. Can cook them myself at home.

The basic rules that are important to observe when carrying out treatment of psoriasis of the scalp area of the head:

  • Need to be treated not the hair, and rashes on the skin.
  • At carrying out of medical manipulations and during the skin care must prevent its injury, for example, scratching, the scales of the rash.
  • After shampooing, until the skin is soft, you can gently remove the scales of the rash, loosely attached to the damaged skin.
  • The head can be washed only with special shampoos, you must leave on your head for at least 10 minutes to the medical components included in its composition, could provide the necessary therapeutic effect.
  • Treatment, both industrial and homemade, have to apply directly to damaged skin, not hair.

Disease prevention

To prevent the risk of psoriasis, a pathology it is not enough just to treat, it is important to comply with preventive recommendations for its prevention. If not tricky to adhere to the rules for preservation of physical and mental health, it is possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of recurrence of psoriasis.

Unfortunately, the negative factors, which are able to give impetus to the mechanism of disease development, many of them to provide to daily life nearly impossible, but to have a partial influence of the strength of each. So, let's list what steps are to be taken:

  • During remission of disease, while psoriasis is in the "sleep mode" and its symptoms are mild, you can't ignore the care of skin! You need to use all available methods and drugs for as long as possible "to lull the" vigilance of the pathological process.
  • Psoriasis ultraviolet or sunlight can cause harm and might actually favor. Depending on the pathology suffered by the patient, he is advised or strictly dose stay out of the sun and wear clothing that protects sensitive skin, or, on the contrary, to open up the body and trim the hair to the sun affect the exposed areas of the body.
  • To cleanse the hair and scalp use shampoos designed specifically for people with psoriasis. In the extreme case of this shampoo on hand was not allowed to use neutral cleansing shampoo.
  • Before applying shampoo, it is recommended to do the mask, mitigating damaged by disease of the scalp. You can make them at home with chicken eggs, vegetable oils and many other ingredients that help to soften and remove the skin of the head.
  • To prevent relapse, it is important to protect the body from respiratory infections in the cold season, not the pen to cool.
  • To support the immune system, it is recommended to take vitamin complexes, to observe the principles of healthy nutrition, engage in physical exercise, more fresh air.
  • If psoriasis localized on the scalp, instead of a comb need to take a brush with the softest bristles, which can't hurt the affected areas of the skin.
  • To monitor the condition of the air in the room to prevent it from drying out. It is advisable to purchase a humidifier.
  • On the street at any time of the year it is advisable to wear a hat appropriate to the weather conditions.
  • Before you treat any disease, not related to psoriasis, you should consult with your doctor about prescription drugs, and report their diagnosis. The fact that some medications may cause a relapse of the disease.
  • Give up bad habits, like Smoking and alcohol weaken the immune defense.