Prevention of psoriasis at home

Considered a disease also called scaly ringworm. Disease provoked by chronic inflammation of the skin, accompanied by the formations in the form of rashes. They keep peeling. Statistics show that the disease is among the most common skin diseases. Approximately 4% of the total population of the globe are faced with the problem, called psoriasis. Diet, treatment, prevention of relapse has become an integral part of life for many men, women and children.

Manifest disease can both in infancy and in old age. However, the majority of patients were faced with him in middle age (20 to 42 years). It can be argued that the most severe forms affect the flow of patients in whom the disease is discovered in childhood or adolescence. They have to cope with frequent relapses.

Prevention of psoriasis1

The causes of disease

Despite the advances in medicine, today there are still gaps in the research. For example, about the causes of psoriasis doctors still have no clear information.

The disease can occur at any time, it can be long and exhausting to treat, but still it will last a lifetime. But there are situations when the disease clears up, leaving no trace.

Numerous studies have only allowed to spend a number of patterns. And the most important conclusion was the understanding that in many ways the course of the disease and the recurrence rate depends on the condition of the body and lifestyle of the patient.

What is the disease?

Consider the disease due to the rapid withering away of the upper layers of the skin. If a healthy person this cycle extends over a month, in a patient with psoriasis takes place over 5 days. The disease manifests itself in limited areas of the body, with winter and summer forms of the disease. Often suffer from:

  • The zone of growth of hair on the head.
  • Knees and elbow joints at the bends
  • Rump.

Onset of the disease is characterized as acute inflammation. Appear red or pink papules that are covered with light scales. Lesions have clearly defined edges. Scales can be easily removed. After that, the affected area increases, the papules merge together to form plaques.

Exposure to sunlight leads to a weaker manifestation of the disease. Sometimes the plaque may even disappear altogether. But in the colder period again manifested psoriasis. Diet, treatment, prevention allows patients to improve the condition and increase the duration of remission.

Risk factors

The study allowed to identify some situations that could provoke the manifestation of the disease under consideration.

  1. Injury to the skin.
  2. Frostbite tissues.
  3. Changes in hormones in pregnancy or lactation.
  4. The periods of adolescence and menopause.
  5. The disease may develop on the background of severe allergic reactions to chocolate or citrus fruits.
  6. Alcohol abuse and overdose of antibiotics.
  7. Sunburn or long stay under ultraviolet rays without protection.
  8. Uncontrolled for a long period of medication (from antibiotics to vitamins).
  9. The change of climate (humid climate, scorching sun).

The stage of the disease

Considering the disease has three stages, which are typical of its characteristics and features. The disease manifests itself in a progressive, stable and regressive forms. Treatment and prevention of psoriasis, nursing care largely depends on the stage.

Feature of progressive condition is the appearance of healthy skin tissue peeling (scale form). They could increase in size, covering a new area. Scales turn red. This stage causes itching and pain.

Characteristic stable shape is measured in the course of the disease. The scales gradually increase in size, forming plaque. Severe pain the patient feels during this period.

A feature of the regressive stage is the fact that the papules are able to disappear.


Treatment and prevention of psoriasis will depend on many factors. The choice of methodology is influenced by the form, stage, peculiarities of course of disease and the General condition of the patient.

Modern methods of treatment allow us to successfully deal with even the most old forms of the disease. The choice of method of assistance to the sick person depends on the localization of the lesion.

In many cases, doctors by their actions seek to reduce the size of the focus. A comprehensive approach to treatment helps to avoid complications.

Treatment and prevention of psoriasis, nursing care can achieve positive results. As a rule, the scheme includes a visit to the physiotherapy facility. The specialists prescribe medication that have a local effect. Externally the application of various creams, ointments, decoctions enhances the effect.

Treatment with medications is to use a corticosteroid funds. Also patient is prescribed psychotropic and hormonal therapy. Prevention of psoriasis involves the use of alternative ways of stabilizing the condition of the sick person.

Good results are obtained by a hydrotherapy treatment in specialized institutions (sanatoria, boarding houses). There, the patient receives additional treatments in form of massages, sulfur baths, the use of drugs to photoslove.

Prevention of psoriasis2

Prevention of exacerbations of psoriasis

Compliance with certain rules and guidelines allows you to make the treatment of the disease more effective. Also, these factors can affect the timing of recovery.

You need to try to avoid the negative impacts due to the seasonality of the disease. Summer form of the disease involves limiting the patient's stay in the sun. Affected areas experts recommend to carefully hide clothing. The winter form of course of disease involves preventing hypothermia. It is especially necessary to monitor the condition of the limbs. They should be warm.

Prevention and rehabilitation of psoriasis rheumatoid form involves changes in the diet. It is necessary to exclude consumption of all the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. Experts categorically prohibit eating spicy and salty foods too often. Also, doctors warn that patients must completely eliminate alcohol and coffee from your diet. This will prevent the transformation of the disease into a chronic form.

Sick people need a thorough observance of the rules for the care of the affected and healthy skin. Taking too hot baths, rubbing hard with a loofah or hands is strictly prohibited. Even if there is burning or itching. To eliminate these symptoms, you need by handling them with special ointments, creams, lotions.

Prevention of psoriasis involves the refusal of wearing too tight clothing of synthetic materials. Experts recommend to choose a model casual, made from natural fabrics.

A patient considered disease should not self-medicate. Not without the doctor's advice to take any drugs. They are able to cause exacerbation of the disease.

Is it possible to treat psoriasis with traditional methods?

Doctors say that the disease is considered incurable today. Prevention of psoriasis at home is possible. However, the expert should give their recommendations. Traditional medicine is often combined with the use of various popular recipes treatment.

It should be noted that it is sometimes necessary to try several methods before you can know that helps in a particular case. With each course, experts suggest to finish.

Prevention of psoriasis folk remedies involves the use of several types of medications. For example, the patient will internally be treated by infusion, and externally to use the ointment.

To achieve rapid positive effect at the time of application of medicines, experts recommend to follow a strict diet. You can also add the use of immunomodulatory tools: tinctures of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Golden root.

Prevention of psoriasis3

In conclusion remains to add that getting rid of bad habits is a prerequisite to prevention and treatment was effective.


  1. Tincture to cleanse the body. For its preparation you need one tablespoon of flax seeds to make a glass of boiled water. To insist this tool is handy in a thermos. To leave him in it overnight. And in the morning, on an empty stomach, you should drink the prepared infusion. Before bed take activated charcoal in the amount of two pills. Using this method of cleansing the body in a few weeks the patient can see the result. Toxins will help to clear the skin from lesions.
  2. Treatment with tar. Prevention of psoriasis involves the use of external funds. Let's look at another methodology of folk medicine. To lubricate the plaques need to be purchased at the pharmacy point of birch tar. In an hour after application, rinse off. Next, tincture of celandine treated all affected areas. After drying it is not flush with the body. Applying this treatment for Crescent, many patients have achieved good effect. The disease is not disturbed them for several years. The only drawback to this method of treatment is an unpleasant smell of tar.

Instead of a conclusion

In conclusion, it remains to draw attention to the fact that the disease is most commonly caused by a variety of changes and failures of internal organs. This point requires careful diagnosis of the problem. The correct treatment can be prescribed only by an experienced specialist. And even with all the conditions that result from therapy can be unpredictable. You also need to understand that the information given in the article for informational purposes only. Because individual uncontrolled treatment often leads to deterioration of the patient.