Diet for psoriasis: principles and advantages

Pathology brings to life a person a lot of discomfort and discomfort. Besides, people suffering from an illness, you have to constantly (in acute cases) to hide the problem under clothing.

Psoriasis is an incurable disease. Patients assigned to maintenance treatment to help eliminate a nice little symptoms and prevent relapses. Along with medication and physical therapy, patients will be advised to adhere to the diet.

It is important to understand that treatment of a pathology is impossible without correction of the diet.

Diet in psoriasis contributes to a significant reduction in the intensity of symptoms and prolong periods of remission. Diet easy to stick in the home.

Fundamentals of nutrition

The complex of therapeutic measures has a positive effect in the fight against disease. Diet in this disease is an essential point in this complex. Observing the principles of nutrition and by eliminating the ingestion of prohibited products will be able to forget about the unpleasant manifestations of pathology. Diet is effective in any kind of affliction (plantar, scalp). Adhering to therapeutic feeding, the result will be noticeable after a week.

Diet for psoriasis1
  1. Diet for psoriasis should be hypoallergenic.
  2. It is recommended to avoid alcohol consumption and Smoking.
  3. Clinical nutrition involves reducing salt intake.
  4. From the ingestion of products containing preservatives, stabilizers, dyes and other additives synthesized, must be abandoned.
  5. The diet needs to be enriched plant food.
  6. Diet menu involves the rejection of fast digesting protein (sweet pastries).
  7. The diet should be enriched with cereals (rice, oat, buckwheat) and vegetable salads.
  8. Food should be consumed in small portions at least five times a day.
  9. It is recommended to introduce in the diet of low-fat dairy products.
  10. During diet you need to follow the regularity of bowel movement. If the appearance of constipation in the diet is necessary to introduce a vegetable fiber and vegetable oil.
  11. You also need to move more and drink plenty of fluids (at least two liters).

The advantages of the diet

Diet is an integral part of the treatment of diseases.

Its major benefits include:

  • improving the health of the skin;
  • loss extra pounds;
  • improving the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • normalization of a chair.

It is important to understand that the diet for psoriasis should be permanent. The only way to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Contraindicated diet for people with pathologies of the CNS and SSS. This is due to the exclusion from the diet of substances which have a direct impact on the vascular system. If necessary, neutralize the acute attack pathology using power, menu, adjust with the obligatory account individual peculiarities of the organism.

Each diet for psoriasis has its own peculiarities. What products and dishes can be consumed people with this disease, and which should be discarded, contact your doctor.

To appoint medical diet only by a qualified specialist. Not worth your own diet or to ask for advice from friends or rely on the reviews on a particular diet forums on the Internet. To clarify diet, learn the recipes of dishes from the attending physician.

Psoriasis treatment diet: list of banned and allowed foods to eat

People with this disease, all without exception, it is recommended that adherence to the therapeutic diet that contribute to the normalization of the functioning of the body, improve metabolism and prevent the occurrence of relapses. Treatment of psoriasis diet is to eliminate consumption of certain products and replace it with healthy food.

Prohibited products

For a given ailment are advised to avoid eating the following foods:

Diet for psoriasis2
  • Of herbs and spices. In psoriasis the harmful herbs and the products that contains them. The high content of essential oils and aromatic substances has a toxic effect on the human body. These substances provoke the irritation and the appearance of an intense itching of the skin, and therefore the worsening of the pathology.
  • Orikhiv. Eating any nuts in the pathology prohibited. Peanuts is one of the most allergenic foods. People with this disease should avoid consumption of nuts and additives. It is also forbidden the use of peanut butter.
  • Of citrus peel. It in high concentrations contain essential oils that are toxic to people with psoriasis.
  • Fatty types of meat. They contain arachidonic acid. This substance is one of the factors triggering inflammation and the appearance of the skin plaques.
  • Alcoholic beverage. Are not allowed to drink any alcoholic beverages, however, the strict restriction applies to wine beverages. During fermentation indicated the formation of aromatic substances, which provoke the development of allergic skin reactions. The pernicious influence of alcohol on the liver leads to failures in its functioning. The body cannot completely clear the body, and this means that it will accumulate waste, toxins and other harmful substances that often lead to relapse of psoriasis. Alcohol, even in minimal concentration provokes malabsorption of mineral nutrients, it strikes the immune system.

Food restrictions are not common. The body of each person is individual and special reacts to different products. Doctors do not recommend to give up everything. Before you can assign a diet specialists conduct individual testing of products.

Recommended product

Psoriasis treatment diet is very important. Eating the right foods will help in the improvement of health and prevention of exacerbations of the disease. It is recommended the consumption of fruits and vegetables (kiwi, beans, apricot, pineapple, carrots, berries, greens, cabbage), lean meat and fish, cereals, low-fat milk and dairy products.

In the treatment of psoriasis and for the prevention of exacerbations is necessary to provide the body with vitamins and minerals.

People with this disorder recommended the introduction in the diet of products rich:

Diet for psoriasis3
  • Ascorbic acid. This substance helps to strengthen the immune system. Sources of vitamin C are bell peppers, kiwi, rose hips.
  • Vitamin E. This substance in high concentrations found in sunflower seeds. People with the disease need daily to eat a few seeds. The vitamin helps to improve the condition of the dermis, and also minimize the manifestations of psoriasis and strengthen the Central nervous system.
  • Vitamin B. the Deficiency of this substance is fraught with violation of metabolism, which very adversely affects the condition of the dermis. People with disease need to diet buckwheat.
  • Zinc. In the treatment of psoriasis diet is a great role for products that contain zinc. From this mineral depends on the protein metabolism, necessary for wound healing. In high concentrations zinc is found in sesame seeds, pumpkin and seafood.
  • Calcium. This mineral contributes to the desensitization of the organism, restoration of the dermis and accelerate healing of the skin. It is recommended to introduce in the diet of yogurt and cottage cheese.

People suffering from pathology, we also advise you to use ginger. It helps to cleanse the body from toxic substances, as well as addressing the symptoms of the disease. In ginger contains significant amounts of vitamins A, b, ascorbic acid and minerals. In addition, rich ginger and amino acids. Specialists suggest to use as a Supplement to the first and second dishes.

Only by following all doctor's recommendations regarding treatment of psoriasis diet it is possible to achieve maximum therapeutic effect. Besides proper nutrition will contribute to improving the functioning of all organs and systems, as well as weight loss.

However, it is not only important to eat right, but also to fulfill the special Wellness events such as:

  1. To cleanse the body. In this case, it is assumed the purification of the body with a special week-long mono-diet. During the first two days should eat Apple and citrus, and for the other five allowed any fruit. In addition, the doctor recommends to use a sorbent and periodically do a colonoscopy.
  2. Sport. Exercise will help improve the overall health and the health of the spine.
  3. To restore the skin. Recommended variety of beauty treatments. The goal is to visit a cosmetologist, and you can make a mask at home. A good effect can be achieved, taking baths with medicinal plants, and visiting bath.
  4. Diet. This rule is most important thing.